The Answers to a Better World

I understand where road rage comes from.

For me, it comes from people who live in this world that really only care about themselves and are oblivious to the world around them and the people around them. Not sure what I mean? Here’s a few ideas for you…

1. You are trying to make a turn, either left or right, and there’s traffic coming. Up ahead of this traffic is a RED LIGHT. Does anyone stop or even use their brain to say “hmmm…this person is trying to get across in all this traffic…maybe I should stop short of the intersection so they can get out…especially since I have a red light up ahead and can’t really go anywhere.” Does this happen? Maybe once in 100 cars. The other 99 people are lost in their own worlds and don’t really care about you.

2. You’re driving on a 2 lane road, highway, street, etc. The speed limit is 55. There’s a car right in front of you and one to the left of you. BOTH cars are driving about 40 mph. This is my version of “Boxed In“. Again, both drivers are oblivious to you.

3. How about those people who were never taught that every vehicle comes with something called a TURN SIGNAL? They’re there for a reason…use them!

4. Then you have the people who are smoking a cigarette, talking on their phone while trying to put makeup on…while navigating a car. That makes plenty of sense.

I could go on and on but I really don’t feel like it. I’d rather not get worked up. It’s worse when you have your kids in your car and you have to TRY to remain calm. What are these people thinking in their heads? Are they even thinking at all or are they all dreaming of lollipops and lemon drops without a care in the world? It really doesn’t take that much brainpower to realize there are other people driving alongside you. Take a minute sometime and look around…realize you are part of a society and not living on this planet alone. WAKE UP. People wonder what is wrong with this world all the time. I can give you a guess as to where it all starts. Can we try to help each other out a little bit once in a while?

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