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Apple Watch - My 2 cents

So yeah, I got an Apple Watch a few weeks ago. To make a long story short, my pc laptop was doing weird things like shutting down on its own, playing YouTube videos like crap, etc. so I decided to…Read more

Watch your cell data usage! (AT&T)

File this under HUH?

I have AT&T for my cell service...have been with them for years. Never really had an issue until this past weekend. I was grandfathered in on an old plan that gave me unlimited data. On September…Read more

Coming Full Circle with Gear

After almost 2 years of playing live with my Kemper Profiling Amp and using IEMs (in ear monitors), I recently made the switch back to my trusty Marshall DSL100 and a new pedalboard. Before this becomes a war about modellers…Read more

When is it time? Playing out vs. staying home

     The title says it all. I've started asking myself this question a lot more frequently in the last year or so. When IS it time to sort of retire from gigging life, spend more time with the family, sell off…Read more

Stay away from Citizens Bank

Disclaimer: If this writing gets a little confusing at times, please forgive me. You'll see why in a few minutes.

My family has been living in our home since 2004. We have been paying our mortgage through Citizens Bank since…Read more

Rocker Dad - The Musician

I realized I run this site called “Rocker Dad“ but I haven’t really written about my musical history yet. Let’s start at the beginning. I began taking drum lessons when I was 12 years old. I started tinkering around on…Read more

Crohn's Part V

This feels like deja vu…and not the good kind.

If you’ve followed this Crohn’s series, you know the back story. My daughter was diagnosed back in March of 2010. Since then, she’s done well for the most part (except…Read more

Debut Album in the works

It’s been awhile!

I’ve been so busy the last few months with my band, my kids, school starting and life. My pledge campaign ended without reaching my goal but I have decided to go ahead and record my album…Read more

Crohn's Part IV

Since I last wrote about my daughter’s fight against Crohn’s disease, there have been a few things that have happened. After some smooth sailing, it was learned that my daughter had stopped taking her medication. My wife happened to notice…Read more

Father's Day - My Meaning

I’ve been a dad for 8 and a half years now. I have 2 little girls…ages 8 and 5. I also have 2 dogs but I’m not going to write about those 2 knuckleheads. I’m really not going to write…Read more

Crohn's Part III

Worry about what really matters to you…nothing else. It’s been over a year now since my daughter’s diagnosis and every day I try to remind myself of that first line. I’m not the type of person to sit back and…Read more

Crohn's Part II

“If I could be your pain, I’d run from you so far away…”
If (Jeannie’s song), Butch Walker

That lyric makes me think of my daughter. As much as I don’t want to miss anything in her life,…Read more

Crohn's Disease

March 3, 2010 was the worst day of my life. I had never really heard of Crohn’s Disease until that day. My then 7-year-old daughter had been having stomach and bowel problems for close to a year. We thought it…Read more

The Answers to a Better World

I understand where road rage comes from.

For me, it comes from people who live in this world that really only care about themselves and are oblivious to the world around them and the people around them. Not sure…Read more

Newport Creamery - Ice Cream Only!

A family dinner at Newport Creamery in Smithfield, RI turned into losing 2 hours of my life that I will never get back. We had just finished at my daughter’s orthodontist appointment and wanted to have a quick, easy meal…Read more