100% of all donations (after paypal fees) go to Hasbro Children's Hospital and Crohn's disease research

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How time flies! My CD, Voiceless, has been available for around 2 years now! 100% of the net proceeds will be donated to the Pediatric GI Department at Hasbro Children's Hospital in Providence, RI. I have a 10 year old daughter who suffers from Crohn's disease and this is my way of contributing and saying thanks to the great staff at Hasbro. Every CD or album download you purchase will go directly towards Crohn's research...let's help find a cure!!!

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CONTACT: Rich Antonelli

Former $kyhigh guitarist and current lead guitarist for Bon Jersey (Bon Jovi Tribute), Rich Antonelli, is set to release his first solo album in 2013 to benefit the pediatric GI department at Hasbro Children’s Hospital (Providence,RI).

"Voiceless" is Antonelli's foray into the guitar instrumental genre. However, Antonelli intends for the album to be different from what most people expect from a guitar based CD. "I love listening to all the great guitar players that have put out albums that really showcase their playing. I'm a big fan of that stuff. What I wanted to do with "Voiceless" is create a batch of songs that the average music listener will like. Usually, guitar instrumental albums are geared towards other guitar players. Each of these songs is written to give the listener the chance to interpret the songs in their own way. There are verses, chorus', bridges…much like the way songs are written for radio. The album will have 10 tracks plus a bonus tune and will range from 80's style rockers to acoustic ballads to a piano based tune."

Antonelli is recording the entire album with minimal budget. "I didn't want to put any money into studio time, gear, etc. I'd rather all monies go to the cause. I have some great friends that are helping me either with their time, gear or knowledge. 80% of the album is being tracked at my home "studio" on a laptop. It's amazing what you can do with technology these days."

All proceeds from CD sales or mp3 downloads will be donated to Hasbro Children’s Hospital in Providence, RI. At the time of this press release, Rich has raised close to $1,000 through CD pre-sales and is hoping for that number to consistently grow. "I really hope people will share the details about this project with as many people as possible...use email, Facebook, Twitter, even text messages to get the word out. The money that I raise is going directly to Crohn's research and you get some music for your donation."

Why Hasbro? "My inspiration for doing this CD is my daughter, Gabrielle. She was diagnosed with Crohn's disease [nearly three years ago] at the age of 7. The staff at Hasbro has been tremendous to us, from the doctors, nurses and entire staff. Crohn's disease has no cure but our family believes that with enough support, that will change in the future. Gabrielle recently had her 10th birthday and handles everything like a pro. This is the least I could do as a father to help her and other kids that are learning to live with this disease."

Rich Antonelli is available for email or phone interviews. Please contact Rich directly at rich.antonelli@gmail.com to arrange a time schedule or to listen to preview tracks.

Please visit Rich's website at www.richardantonelli.com for much more information, including mp3's, bio and contact info. You can also follow Rich on Twitter @richantonelli
If you're a fan of Bon Jovi, you can also check out Rich at www.bon-jersey.com

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