Crohn's Part V

This feels like deja vu…and not the good kind.

If you’ve followed this Crohn’s series, you know the back story. My daughter was diagnosed back in March of 2010. Since then, she’s done well for the most part (except for that episode where she stopped taking her medication last summer). That all changed this past week. She had not been feeling as well for the last few weeks so her doctor ordered an upper and lower GI be performed to check things out. She had this procedure done the day she was diagnosed. I wrote I never wanted to see her like that again in my life. I saw her like that again last Wednesday and it wasn’t any easier.

Once the procedure was done, I could tell by the look on the doctor’s face that it was news I didn’t want to hear but probably knew was coming. She was most definitely having a flare up of Crohn’s. The other thing I never wanted to see again was her having to be on steroids for a 2nd time. Guess what? I batted 2 for 2 on this day of things I didn’t want to see. She would have to begin being treated with steroids right away and require another stay in the hospital. I really worry about how she is going to feel once her appearance starts changing while on these medications.

There was a little bit of good news that came out of this. She only had to stay one night instead of the 3 or 4 that was originally planned. She responded very well to the medications and treatment right off the bat. At this point, I’m realizing this is going to be an ongoing battle through her life…it’s sinking in more and more. I’ve recently had some severe back pain and I have a bad cold as I’m writing this but I would gladly take feeling this way every day for the rest of my life if it meant she would be ok. All I ask is that she be able to live and enjoy her life without too many more complications. For someone who is only 9 years old, she has gone through more than most people in their seventies. I may have mentioned this before but she is the bravest person I’ve ever met and I really hope she stays as strong as she is moving forward. Thank you for reading this and expressing your support. Hopefully, I won’t be writing too many blogs on this subject.

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