Vietnamese anyone?

One of the toughest things to do as a parent is to get your kids to try new foods. If it doesn’t involve chocolate, pizza, hot dogs or candy, then they usually don’t want any part of it. We’re pretty lucky that our kids are not ultra picky when it comes to eating but we still try to introduce them to as many different types of food as we can.

There’s this restaurant within walking distance from our house called Pho Evergreen. They serve mainly vietnamese food there. My sister-in-law and her family know the family that owns the place so we decided to try it out about 6-8 months ago.

Pho has quickly become one of our favorite restaurants. The wait staff is as nice as can be and make sure you’re taken care of. The kids love eating there, especially the soup and crispy spring rolls. My 8-year-old usually shares a flat noodle vegetable medley with me.

The best part of going to Pho, though, is finishing off your meal with one of their Evergreen shakes. We usually order the mango and have them add some coconut to it. We can’t get enough of it and being that it’s a fruit shake/smoothie, it’s much better for the kids than having an ice cream shake. If you’re in the Rhode Island area, I dare you to try one of them and not want to go back for more. And while you’re at it, order me one too.

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