Gear Review: Digitech iStomp

Digitech was kind enough to send me their new iStomp pedal and I received it late yesterday. For those unfamiliar with it, it’s basically a do it all type pedal…meaning, if you have an iphone or ipad, you can download different effects into the pedal. For example, need a delay for a show? Download it and you’re ready to go. Need an overdrive? Same thing. The Digitech app store has a good number of choices to choose from…od, reverbs, compressors, delays, chorus, etc….they range in price from $.99 to $9.99.

As with most of my gear reviews, I review things for how I would use it for my own purposes. There are literally hundreds of reviews on the iStomp, as well as videos, that show you how it works, what each knob does, what color it is, etc. I review gear for the ease of use for my live rig, nothing more. The same can be said for any videos I may upload to youtube showcasing a product. Hopefully, my take on some of these products will help some fellow musicians out there decide whether or not to try or buy.

I’ve only gotten to mess with it for a few minutes at a time but it’s pretty cool and sounds good, like most Digitech products. When I first heard of this pedal, I was a little underwhelmed. I didn’t think I would have any use for something like this but once I decided to build a travel board, this pedal makes things MUCH easier than having to buy a few separate pedals. I think it’d be great for guys who are in more than 1 band and need a certain effect for the night or even for someone looking to grab a quick pedal to jam/rehearse.

One of the best features, and I wish all of the apps in Apple’s app store did this, is that you can TRY the pedals before you commit to buying. It puts a 5 minute timer on and you can use it like you own it. I can’t tell you how many apps I’ve bought for my iphone or ipad thinking it looked cool only to come find out that it really sucks big time and I can’t get my money back. Props to Digitech for including this feature. They also send you a bunch of stickers to use on the pedal if you wish. This might be better for those that have a couple of iStomps. I may have to grab another to complete my board…I like the flexibility and the thing seems to be built like a tank as well. Loading a new effect into the pedal from your iphone or ipad takes about 30 seconds.

It’s definitely not for everyone. I know there are guys complaining that it doesn’t make sense to spend $150 on one pedal and only be able to use one effect at a time, which is a valid point. To me, this pedal is the perfect board finisher….you know when you have 1 spot left on your board but you need a variety of effects that you need to swap out for certain gigs? This will do the job. Again, it’s the size of a regular stompbox. I guess you could use a Line 6 M5 and be able to have a couple of effects at a time but if you’re like me and space on your pedalboard is at a premium, this may work for you. Check one out at your local music gear dealer or visit Official Digitech Site.

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