1. Bloodmare

From the recording Bloodmare (single)

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You placed your faith in God but you soon changed your ways

Now you lay inside that box buried deep in a grave

When you rise again, your demons will rue the day

200 years gone by, who let you out of your cage...

Pre chorus

and now your lusting for blood....

and the devil's your god....



a young girl screams in the night


She'll kill with only one bite

when the demons take you out of your hole, it's


Verse 2

Awakened from your slumber, there's a thirst you can't deny

Children of souls that past will pay with their very lives

Destiny's voices haunt you while you decimate your prey

Now this lazy town will have to deal with your deadly rage

Pre chorus 2

And now you're thirsty for blood

and you're comin' for more...

Chorus 2


This thirst will drive you insane


It'll only take one vein!

when the demons take control of your soul, it's

Bloodmare.... Bloodmare.... owwww