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Watch your cell data usage! (AT&T) 

File this under HUH?

I have AT&T for my cell service...have been with them for years. Never really had an issue until this past weekend. I was grandfathered in on an old plan that gave me unlimited data. On September 12th, I went to the AT&T local store to see if I could save some money per month on my plan. We looked at my data usage and saw that I rarely ever go over 2GB/month. Reluctantly, I made the switch to the 2GB plan to save around $15/month. I was hesitant and my instincts were telling me… Read more

Coming Full Circle with Gear 

After almost 2 years of playing live with my Kemper Profiling Amp and using IEMs (in ear monitors), I recently made the switch back to my trusty Marshall DSL100 and a new pedalboard. Before this becomes a war about modellers, the Kemper is one of the BEST pieces of gear I've ever purchased. For recording, I can't find anything that will beat it. I used it on about 40% of my CD, Voiceless. It sounds great live as well. I ran it through a guitar cab and through an Alto 112 at various times...hell I even put… Read more

When is it time? Playing out vs. staying home 

     The title says it all. I've started asking myself this question a lot more frequently in the last year or so. When IS it time to sort of retire from gigging life, spend more time with the family, sell off some gear and play for my own pleasure at home when I feel the need? I'm mostly thinking out loud here but I know that time is coming sooner than later.

     I've always said that the real reason I perform is because of the people I perform in front of. It's not so much the band I'm playing with or the… Read more

Stay away from Citizens Bank 

Disclaimer: If this writing gets a little confusing at times, please forgive me. You'll see why in a few minutes.

My family has been living in our home since 2004. We have been paying our mortgage through Citizens Bank since around 2006 or so. Up until this year, we never paid much attention to our bank...it was life as usual. Back in late March we decided to try to take advantage of the lower mortgage rates and refinance our house. We weren't asking for extra money, just what we owe so we can pay a little… Read more

Rocker Dad - The Musician 

I realized I run this site called “Rocker Dad“ but I haven’t really written about my musical history yet. Let’s start at the beginning. I began taking drum lessons when I was 12 years old. I started tinkering around on piano when I was 17 and by the time I was 18, I lost interest in drums and keys because I heard Eddie Van Halen. Enter the guitar. The first song I ever learned to play was Alone Again by Dokken on an old beat up Cort electric guitar.

Other guitarists from the 1980s such as Richie… Read more

Gear Review: Peavey/Agile Ampkit Link 

I recently picked up a refurbished iPad from Apple mainly to use it to play my guitar through and use GarageBand to just record simple things and new riffs and song ideas at home or on the go.
I also owned an iPhone and have previously tried using the Amplitube iRig. The iRig went in through the headphone jack on the iPhone and all I would get was major feedback and major noise. It seemed to be a cheaply made plastic device but I was hoping the AmpKit Link from Peavey and Agile Partners would take from… Read more

Gear Review: Apogee Jam 

What a relief! After testing the Peavey Ampkit Link and IK Multimedia iRig guitar interfaces for the iPad and iPhone to less than stellar results, along comes the Apogee Jam. My suspicions as to why the previous 2 products wouldn’t work correctly (for me) came true…the key is in the dock!

For those that have tried the iRig and Ampkit Link, you know that the unit utilizes the headphone jack on the iPad/iPhone as an input. Before I even tested them out, I had a feeling there was going to be a… Read more

Gear Review: DigiTech iPB-10 iPad Pedalboard 

If you play guitar AND own an iPad, it’s time you check out the iPB-10 pedalboard from Digitech. I’ve been using the iPB-10 for about 2 months now. My favorite feature about it, besides the sounds, is its ease of use. The biggest drawback on all other modellers I’ve used in the past has been the interface. That problem has been solved for me with the iPB-10. The iPB Nexus app, which is a free download for your iPad, is stunning and gives you complete control of all of its features. No more toggling or… Read more

Gear Review: Digitech iStomp 

Digitech was kind enough to send me their new iStomp pedal and I received it late yesterday. For those unfamiliar with it, it’s basically a do it all type pedal…meaning, if you have an iphone or ipad, you can download different effects into the pedal. For example, need a delay for a show? Download it and you’re ready to go. Need an overdrive? Same thing. The Digitech app store has a good number of choices to choose from…od, reverbs, compressors, delays, chorus, etc….they range in price from $.99 to $9.99.

Read more

Crohn's Part V 

This feels like deja vu…and not the good kind.

If you’ve followed this Crohn’s series, you know the back story. My daughter was diagnosed back in March of 2010. Since then, she’s done well for the most part (except for that episode where she stopped taking her medication last summer). That all changed this past week. She had not been feeling as well for the last few weeks so her doctor ordered an upper and lower GI be performed to check things out. She had this procedure done the day she was diagnosed.… Read more