RichA Amplifire Preset Pack 1
  • RichA Amplifire Preset Pack 1
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27 Amplifire presets! If you like high gain, 80s metal, hard rock and a little hair on your tone, then this is for you! There are also some clean and low gain patches as well. Please make sure to READ the PDF file that is included! Power amp enabled! I used some of my own cabinet impulse responses in the pack. Here is the preset list with amp name:

Plexi (Plexi)
FreedA (Freedman HBE)
BassA ('59 Bman)
AC30+ (Top Boost)
Purple A (D Luxe)
5151A (5051)
Hot800A (Brit 800)
Corny (Kornfield)
ScratchA (5051)
MarshRod (Freedman HBE)
DumbyA (Rumble)
ChiefCln (Top Boost)
ChiefDr (Top Boost)
Zakker (Brit 800)
CleanA (US Clean)
Saldona (SLO)
ABCD (Plexi)
Edgy01 (Top Boost)
RectumA (Recto)
DTPMU (US Clean)
Browny01 (Freedman BE)
DEELUX+ (D Luxe)
AC30A01 (Top Boost)
HBEYES! (Freedman HBE)
HairLite (Brit 800)
HairSpry (Brit 800)

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